Gran Turismo 6 VS Gran Turismo Sports

Gran Turismo is a game that goes back to PlayStation’s first console with its first instalment being released by Polys Entertainment in 1997. In order to compare Gran Turismo 6 and Gran Turismo sports, we will have to mention graphics, physics the way game controllers react and other game related topics. The way these two games are made doesn’t leave to much space for comparison. There is, however, a slight difference in how the game is played. We made a list of reasons that show how Gran Turismo Sport is superior in gameplay that its sequel.

Wheel and Joystick.

thrustmaster-t500rs-gt6-638x449While playing both games on joystick doesn’t feel much different, using a wheel as a controller has minor flaws on Gran Turismo 6. The game is made to be played on such controllers so it would be absurd if that kind of controller doesn’t respond as it should. Playing GT- Sports on wheel gives much more control to the driving system, where the wheel movements correspond perfectly with the motion of the actual vehicle in the game. On the other hand playing GT-6 on the wheel, you can experience a slight delay when trying to cut sharp corners. The game will be released in November on PSN so get your codes by following this link and acquire the game as it gets released.

Graphics and Physics

Concerning the graphics itself, GT-sports doesn’t look that much different. This is only because GT 6 had pretty amazing graphics, so the difference isn’t really visible. So the game is still visually stunning as the sequel and even better. The physics, on the other hand, is visibly changed. The game feels much more realistic, and cars aren’t overpowered as they are in GT 6. Playing with cars that are faster and perform better than others feels like it should. They are faster for a reason and they won’t run another lap while slower cars struggle on the middle of fist one. Furthermore, cars perform as realistic as reals ones would on track, where professional players finish worldwide known tracks with exact time as the real drivers would. The only graphical improvement is the interior of the car where you can clearly see sunlight reflection and detail inside the car.


The game will support singleplayer and multiplayer mode so you will be able to compete with your friends driving some of the fastest cars in the world. Saving your career with one car and starting another will be imported to online racing so you can eventually choose from a variety of cars as you progress. Concerning the wheel, it is recommended that you use Logitech wheel that corresponds with the wheel of a real car so the gaming experience will be to your satisfaction.

If you haven’t played Gran Turismo before now is a good time to start, because playing GT Sports feels as real as it gets. So grab your joystick or wheel and start your racing career with some supercars like Bugatti or Lamborghini.

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Simple and Effective Guide to Attacking in Fifa 16

This short guide to attacking in Fifa 16 will be focused on attacking techniques and strategies. The main thing is how to move the ball
of the pitch and finish your attack with some good, powerful kick.maxresdefault

The biggest mistake that almost all players are making is that they are trying to play FIFA 16 on the same way as they played Fifa 15, but the mechanics of Fifa 16 is totally different from the earlier version of the game which is confirmed in fifa 16 coins glitch guide. In Fifa 16, you must take your time, it is in some sense much slower game that it was Fifa 15, you must take your time to advance the field and create good opportunity, step by step. Make sure you pass the ball correctly, face to the player that you are going to pass to, take your time and move the ball with exact timing.


gtyhu44In my opinion, there are two steps when we are talking about attacking in Fifa 16, the first step is getting to the penalty area, that is 3/4 of the entire pitch, so this is a very important step in your attack. Way to complete this step is to be patient, use long passes and get the ball next to the penalty area. step two is about how to score a goal once you are within penalty area even it is jammed with players, and that is exactly where many people make mistakes. We will start with step one, which is how we should get into the penalty area, and the first thing you want to know is to be patient! Do not hurry!

frtg66 Too many people are trying to move a ball of the pitch immediately, they are trying to get to the other side as soon as possible, trying to take as many chances as possible and trying to get there quicker than it really should. Try to make simple passes, be sure that you are facing a person that you are gonna pass to. Also, use skill moves in your attack, such moves will help you to gain some space and reach penalty area.
Once you get to the penalty area, you are about to start phase two – finishing. There are three main possibilities  that you can use from that penalty area. The first one is use of skill moves, and the best way to do it is to use fake shoot, but you can use other skill shots as well. The second opportunity is 1-2 passes, a combination of several passes that should send a ball to your main striker.


Those short passes  are extremly effective in front penalty area and are really useful, as you will confuse defenders and create ideal opportunity to score a goal. The last main opportunity is jus a simple run, make your players to run directly toward the goal and try to subdue goalkeeper in one on one situation. That is basically very simple attacking tutorial in Fifa 16 that will surely help you to develop your attacking skills.

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Technical issues with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood


Every game comes with its own set of glitches and issues that are plaguing the gameplay. Some if those issues and glitches have small influence over general gameplay and they are in most cases bearable.But there are those issues that break a game, and make it unplayable. Those are the things I want to discuss with all of you.

The issue of missing credits from offers is a constant issue that is terrorizing all games that utilize daily offers. Yes, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is just one of the many games that uses daily offers that are in form of videos or tasks to give you credits. You must understand that these tasks are not part of the game, they are external source of credits in every game.If you want to get more stars than you should try Kim Kardashian unlimited stars cheat.

kk1If you have completed a task and you haven’t received points/credits there are ways to get them that depend on the device you are utilizing. But before you do anything you should wait for few hours. It takes time to process your task and send you credits for your job, so be patient. If that failed you should do one of the things I will list.

Android users have an easy way of reaching SponsorPay through button on the bottom of the offerwall, which states support. There are people that seek free credits this way, so don’t get surprised when they ask for a proof of a task for which you haven’t received credits.

iOS device users have few ways of contacting support.

For users that have in-game application on the Marketplace they should be able to contact support through links they have on all of their platforms. Users that use Tapjoy application can reach  support through mission points? Button located on the page which contains offers. If you have an account on Tapjoy, you can locate the task that failed to give you credits and report it directly to the support. That is by far the easiest way to get your credits back.

Click here to learn more

kk2If this was the only glitch every game encounters then it would be heaven for gamers that use mobile devices for playing games. But that is not the case. The issue with mobile games is that they are easy to make, but hard to maintained. Developers that make mobile games have a lot games developed and they simply don’t have enough time to address all the issues of all the games they have running. Games that are less popular get less attention, while games that are played by more people have full support by the developer.

Advantage of the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is that it is a game that is very popular, and due to that a lot of the support from the creator is focused on this game. But that doesn’t mean that it has no issues. Glitches are always present, that is the reality. Especially if a game has millions of people playing it. That causes issues with servers and stability of the game, but that is a subject that should be discussed in another article.

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Some tips about Hungry Shark Evolution


If you are one of those lazy people who want to play this game but you don’t want to learn things as everyone else through playing and failing then you have found the article made just for you. I will not guide you through the game like a mother would drag a child through the crowd, but I will throw you few useful tips that will make your playing a bit easier. Some of the tips will diminish the feel you get when you find something and resolve any unknown things by yourself, but there are people like you, and there are people like me too.

Go and do the daily deals you can find when you click on gems icon. You will get free gems and free coins out of those deals.

If you don’t know how to deal with the giant crab then it is understandable, many get frustrated first time they encounter it. But, there are a lot of videos on youtube that will show you step by step how to kill it. Important thing to know about killing it is that you should stay at the top of its lair, and use your boost carefully and keep your health bar above the fifty percent by feeding on the fish that can be located in the upper part of the cave, part where you wait your turn to strike at the crab.

jpackHaving a baby shark is a must. Apart from being beautiful they provide certain bonuses. Every baby shark will give you a certain amount of stamina, and they will help you feed faster and strike harder. TO get the baby shark you will have to unlock its playable counterpart first. They can be bought by both coins and gems.

Daily reward may be weak at the first day or even at the second one, but once you reach fifth day you will be awarded gems, and gems are always welcome. So, even if you are not entirely up to chasing things with your shark, take 5 to 10 minutes of your day to get that chest with daily reward inside.

1234567 Gold rush is something you should use wisely and not waste it in a region where you have just finished hunting. Every shark has different requirements in the form of the amount of points needed to activate Gold rush, but once it activates all of those sharks become beasts, bigger beasts than they were before, if you can believe that.

HSE-186x186With new updates your sharks will become invincible once Gold rush starts and you will be able to eat things you couldn’t before. If you want hungry shark gold cheat click here and if you don’t want to use that go to the far right part of the map, and hunt there. Fish that provides the most points can be found there and combining that with crazy multipliers Gold Rush provides you will earn points like crazy. And more points you score, more coins will go into your pocket at the end of that run.

I hope that these tips helped you and saved you few minutes or hours  it would take to find about these things by yourself.

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6 useful applications for those who suffer from insomnia

It is well known that good sleep is one of the key factors for good health and that insomnia can bring a lot of problems such as fatigue, poor concentration and stress. If you struggle with insomnia and do not want to take medicine, then try installing one of these five applications that may help you sleep like a baby. We bring you the list of six best applications for those who have problems with insomnia.

  1. Relax & Sleep by Glenn Harrold

It consists of a very well organized and simple interface dominated by relaxing purple color with a little white in the background, both for the screen and for the vibrant images. If you want to try meditation to solve problems sleeping the first step shall be installing this app. Many comments on Google App Store say that this is certainly one of the best apps when it comes to meditation and relaxation which can help you learn all about the various kinds of meditation, and you will for sure very soon find one that suits you best. The application is designed hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold.

  1. Pzizz Sleeppzizz-sleep-iphone

This is an application that contains a multitude of somniferous sounds that will surely help you fall asleep. Many people who fall asleep this way know that after listening to the same melody for a while, your body no longer reacts to it. That is why Pzizz has many different sounds that you can play when you need them to help you sleep. This application is intended for short periods of sleep during the day, and according to Mayo Clinic it cannot possibly affect the night sleep.

  1. Relax Melodies

Hundreds of thousands of users around the world enjoy this application which consists of a variety of light melodies and many relaxation techniques that can help you sleep better at night. It is very simple to navigate, the quality is excellent, and the number of options is almost infinite.

  1. Yoga for Insomnia

jogaIt is designed not to be too complicated and all you can see are simple yoga postures that you can practice before bedtime. With one touch of the screen, you can get detailed information about each pose. Studies have shown that yoga helps in treating insomnia, so make sure to try it out.

  1. Sleep Cycleslpcycle

This application is perfect even for those users who have given up hope that they will ever sleep like everybody else. Sleep Cycle is in fact a simple guide that takes you through setting alarm and shows you the statistics of sleep. When you activate the application you should keep it under your pillow so that it can analyze your movements during the night and wake you up when your sleep is weakest.

  1. Sleep

This is another in a series of applications that provide a multitude of relaxing sounds that help you fall asleep. It has a very nice interface that will not irritate you further when you are tired and cannot sleep. Some people have said it is the best app for sleep that has ever been invented, and music from your application can be combined with that from your mobile device.

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