Summoners War Bernard

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Summoners War Bernard. Bernard is not usable in DB12 because he doesnt offer enough and is a wind monster. Unknown Scroll Social Summon Mystical Scroll Mystical Summon Wind Scroll Tamor Desert Temple of Wishes Challenges.

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When I first started Summoners War I had no idea what I was doingIt took me a long time to learn the basics. Bernard is easy to get you can farm him with a nice drop rate in Tamor Desert scenario or in his Secret Dungeon. Max Stats 6 Awakened.

His speed buff and attack debuff is vital to keeping the giant from wiping out your team.

Bernard is a great monster for an early game Giants B12 team. Increases the Attack Power of. For C1 arena 250 is MORE than enough for anything short of a speed lead BernardChloe team and honestly even then if you have a good sky tribe totem level its generally enough for anything short of a VanessaBernardChloe combo. Max Stats 6 Awakened.