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Wings Terraria. 46 of these can be countered using the Ankh CharmAnkh Shield leaving only Burning and blackout. The Terraria wiki has a full list of Wings.

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Feathers are a common crafting material dropped frequently by Harpies and Turkor the Ungrateful. 2 feet 1 block. The cheapest wings This is fastest way to get Wings in terraria.

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Prior to 13 wearing this item will cause the Cursed Blackout Burning Slow Confused and Weak Debuffs which will cause death to the player. Click Here To Become A Ninja. Reds Wings is a set of Wings named after Terrarias main developer Redigit. 1450 022 chance of being dropped by any Armored Bones variant Blue Rusty or Hell Armored Bones in the Dungeon after Plantera has been defeated.